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Tuesday, August 9

8:00am CDT

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Asynchronous NWEA MAP Growth Overview A1710Asynchronous Asynchronous Secondary ELA Summer Professional Learning 2022 A1710Self Led Building Independent Reading Habits from Day One A1616Amber Funderburgh • Nicole Mize Reader's/Writer's Notebook Know How: Implementation Considerations and Strategies A1707Cody Edwards Think Tank: IB Language & Literature and Social Studies Teachers A2610Self Led Utilizing the Folder Protocol to Guide Unit of Study Preparation A1609Kelly Sells Asynchronous Student Agency A1710Self Led Asynchronous Webinar: Supporting Authentic Learning and Differntiated Instruction A1710Self Led Developing Religious Literacy - Institute for Curriculum Resources A1605Erika Lowery ELA and Social Studies: The Perfect Pair A1617Emily Faught • Katie Stewart Getting the Most Learning out of Gimkit A1604Kris Campos • Kristen Kelly Goal Writing and Progress Monitoring A1606Amy Rudd • Jennifer Freeman Mapping out an Essential Unit of Study A1613Jennifer Cain Stand & Talk A1708Kendall Hiott What do our students think about their school experience? A1701Sarah Martinez Breaking Barriers for Students through Financial Education A1704Kim-Jamy Nguyen Think Tank: AP Economics Teachers A2605Self Led Think Tank: AP European History A2602Self Led Think Tank: AP Government A2609Self Led Think Tank: AP Human Geography Teachers A2606Self Led Think Tank: AP Psychology Teachers A2611Self Led Think Tank: AP US History TeachersSelf Led Think Tank: AP World History Teachers A2604Self Led Asynchronous Empowered Learning A1710Self Led Google Classroom Updates and Best Practices A1614Madi Houston A New Social Studies Vision (REQUIRED for all Middle School SS) CafeteriaAmy Pokorney • Kip Harmon

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